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  • Digging deeper into AWstats

    AWstats is a popular program to analyze logfiles. The AWstats files themselves are neat little databases from which you can extract a wealth of information.

    Jan 20, 2011 read more

  • Finding out what hardware is in a box with lshw

    Sometimes you need to know what hardware is in a system, but you don't have specs, or you don't have access to the system. Being able to extract this information directly from the system would then...

    Jan 3, 2011 read more

  • Requesting remote JSON or XML from a Smarty template

    Occasionally it is necessary to get data from another domain to display on a webpage. Using Smarty templates it is very easy to fetch and display remote data in JSON or XML format.

    Dec 18, 2010 read more

Welcome to the Loco website

Loco (short for Loohuis Consulting) is a company that specializes in training, consultancy, hosting and software development revolving around Free and Open Source Software. Loco is based on a strong foundation of knowledge, experience, and ties within the Open Source community.


Loco is one of few companies in the world that offers commercial GPL license compliance engineering services. The increased use of Free Software requires an understanding of the licenses in use as well as best practice in deployment, deployment processes and compliance. Loco employees have practical experience in this field, especially with regards to embedded devices.
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Hosting and development

Loco provides custom hosting of web sites and applications. In particular, Loco offers hosting of a variety of Open Source packages for purposes such as social networks, wikis, and software development. In addition, Loco develops web applications, and modifies or extends existing software. Loco often acts as a development partner for companies and organizations that do not have the means to do their own hosting or development.
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